February 25, 2021 BPW/WA was 100 years old. Cheers to 100 Years!

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BPW Empowers Women Personally, Professionally and Politically.

Business and Professional Women of Washington State (BPW/WA) is comprised of two separate entities. One is the BPW Federation that encompasses Local meetings, State events, leadership/training programs, networking, and a Political Action Committee (PAC). The other is the Washington State BPW (WSBPW) Foundation that awards scholarships to women in need. Together, they help women professionally, personally, and politically. Also when joining BPW/WA, you will automatically become a member of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women Clubs and International BPW.

BPW/WA President’s Message Fall 2023

Rosalind Scott

I hope this message finds you well, filled with determination and anticipation for the year ahead. As we reflect on our journey, let’s focus on the importance of rebuilding our foundation and grow our membership in ways that will leave a lasting impact.

Each one of you holds a significant role within our community, bringing unique perspectives, talents, and experiences. It is time to renew our commitment and reinforce the pillars that have brought us this far. We need to cultivate an environment that encourages growth, innovation, and mentorship, ensuring that every member has the tools and resources needed to succeed.
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See the 2023 Fall Washington Business Woman (WBW) magazine for more information on BPW … [Read now]. Also scroll through archived WBWs and find the issue you wish to read.

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