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BPW is almost 100 years old.
Cheers to 100 Years!

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BPW/WA Annual State Conference is May 2 – 3, 2020
At Historic Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA.

Registration and important information is coming soon during the first week of March.

BPW/WA President’s Message
Revise, Renew, Refresh”

As I sit here on this day of Thanksgiving, I reflect on how grateful I am for all the women in this organization, the relationships and life-time friends I have met here, and the service and dedication of many to strive for equality for women. I have a great deal of gratitude and want to publicly thank the Eastside local for nominating me as the Woman of the Year. Like myself, we go day to day to do the right thing and follow our passions in life, but never look back to reflect on what you have really achieved in life thus far. I had this opportunity with the help of Eastside to reflect and remember my journey and realized I have actually achieved some incredible milestones. I encourage all of you to continue to celebrate a Women of the year. It is so rewarding. I am so grateful! THANK YOU!
We are quickly approaching a milestone in BPW and will be celebrating 100 years! Cheers to 100 Years! We have a wonderful event planned. Invite your friends, family, loved ones and women in your community.
As we all role in to the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, take time for yourself and reflect on your journeys in life and the journeys of the women before us.

See the Winter WBW Newsletter for more information on BPW… [Read More]

BPW Young Careerist

The Virginia Allan Young Careerist program is a signature BPW program that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of successful individuals. More… 

BPW Woman Of The Year

The BPW Woman of The Year program acknowledges the individuals who have made a difference in their commuities and have helped women advance in business. More… 

Individual Development

Each year BPW WA chooses a book to study that will empower the participants to develop and strengthen thier business skills, both personally and professionally. More… 

“I joined BPW after attending a few meetings.”

“I was new to the community and new to my job so this was a way to meet new people. I immediately enjoyed networking with the ladies and was very intrigued by how they were balancing families, work and volunteering in the community. I wanted to be just like them as I grew older and advanced in my career!”

“BPW offered so many workshops on leadership skills, professional growth, and personal development that I took advantage of them to support the mission of empowering working women to achieve their full potential and build successful workplaces.”

– BPW member Trini Mayo

“I am glad I joined BPW”

“I joined BPW so I could connect with other women who owned their own business. I have gotten a lot of great information on how to enhance and grow my business while having fun with a group of dedicated, powerful, and diverse women.”

– BPW Member Connie Richter

“I originally came to meetings to just get out of the house…”

“…and listen to speakers that gave me a different perspective and to broaden my horizons locally. I soon found out that BPW is more than just a once a month meeting with good food and entertainment. It is about people helping each other professionally in their business or career and personally with so many diverse members as a knowledge base. BPW also helped to enlighten me politically. I am proud to say I worked hard to support and pass the Family Leave Act and Equal Pay for Equal Worth. BPW has given me the leadership training and self esteem to become a Sr. Manager within a 3, 000 employee company.”

– BPW Member Sylvia Valine

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