BPW is almost 100 years old.
Cheers to 100 Years!

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BPW Empowers Women Personally, Professionally and Politically.


Due to the Corona Virus, Business and Professional Women of Washington State
is using Zoom to host virtual meetings in the immediate future.

BPW/WA President’s Message Summer 2020
“Living a Legacy”

BPW has an amazing 100-year history, a legacy to value and to cherish. As your President for the 2020-2021 term, it is my duty to see that our organization does not falter in its responsibility to honor those who have gone before. We have a lot of work to do to maintain and grow our membership in this time of Covid-19. Our new normal has yet to be determined, but thanks to Zoom technology, we have a means to connect with each other and plan our future. I encourage all of you to participate and keep the faith. We are all BPW ambassadors who need to invite new people to our meetings, find exceptional speakers, plan Zoom or safe-distancing meetings…be creative. It is a challenge, but one that we can meet with enthusiasm and positivity. We are all in this together and ours will be a legacy of continuity and celebration that we have persevered.

Cheers to 100 Years!
Peggy Harris

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BPW Young Careerist

The Virginia Allan Young Careerist program is a signature BPW program that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of successful individuals. More… 

BPW Woman Of The Year

The BPW Woman of The Year program acknowledges the individuals who have made a difference in their commuities and have helped women advance in business. More… 

Individual Development

Each year BPW WA chooses a book to study that will empower the participants to develop and strengthen thier business skills, both personally and professionally. More… 

“I joined BPW after attending a few meetings.”

“I was new to the community and new to my job so this was a way to meet new people. I immediately enjoyed networking with the ladies and was very intrigued by how they were balancing families, work and volunteering in the community. I wanted to be just like them as I grew older and advanced in my career!”

“BPW offered so many workshops on leadership skills, professional growth, and personal development that I took advantage of them to support the mission of empowering working women to achieve their full potential and build successful workplaces.”

– BPW member Trini Mayo

“I am glad I joined BPW”

“I joined BPW so I could connect with other women who owned their own business. I have gotten a lot of great information on how to enhance and grow my business while having fun with a group of dedicated, powerful, and diverse women.”

– BPW Member Connie Richter

“I originally came to meetings to just get out of the house…”

“…and listen to speakers that gave me a different perspective and to broaden my horizons locally. I soon found out that BPW is more than just a once a month meeting with good food and entertainment. It is about people helping each other professionally in their business or career and personally with so many diverse members as a knowledge base. BPW also helped to enlighten me politically. I am proud to say I worked hard to support and pass the Family Leave Act and Equal Pay for Equal Worth. BPW has given me the leadership training and self esteem to become a Sr. Manager within a 3, 000 employee company.”

– BPW Member Sylvia Valine

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