President's Message

An Update from our 2017-2018 BPW WA President

Mentorship – Embrace the Future

From Judy Keyt ~

The fact is, that what has worked in the past will likely fall short of expectation in the future. The fast pace of technological and business trends require us to adapt. So how can members of different generations see beyond the stereotypes and focus on positive traits of each generation to build unity and growth in our organization, and in the life’s and careers of our members. These new generations were never in a time when social media didn’t exist. They view life through their smartphones, tablets, sharing music, photos, news and opinions as easily as they breathe. Their capacity for processing large amounts of information is considerable, and answers to any questions are a few clicks away.

As Baby boomers retire, Millennials “Y”, and Generation “Z” will rise into management positions and leaders of our Organizations. These potential leaders are self-aware, self-sufficient, inventive, objective oriented, and practical. They have grown up with the surge of technology and experienced life’s events such as 9/11, Bear markets in 2000 and 2008, family financial crisis, affordable care act, school shootings, ongoing ethnic and racial tension, legalization of marijuana, the first African American President, gay marriage… They are accustom to instant access of information and feedback. They are responsive to needs and ready to look for solutions.

What do these generations hold as their values? Personally, Professionally and Politically? What motivates them? Happiness and relationships, over career and financial stability. Doing well with a work life balance?

Change takes time. BPW WA represents a diverse spectrum of experience. Stay focused and be willing to learn. Even though technology is everywhere, not everyone loves it or knows it. Find ways to share your tech knowledge in bite sized portions.

My Ask: Reach out and choose one individual in this organization with a diverse background and of a younger generation, that can help you learn and grow and you can mentor to grow within this organization and life.

Embrace change

Embrace Mentorship

Embrace the future

Be respectful and kind. Everyone has strengths to offer. At the end of the day, their success is your success!