President's Message

An Update from our 2017-2018 BPW WA President


From Judy Keyt ~

The holidays rushed by and we are already in the New Year. Important committees and task forces have been busy at work and Winter Board is approaching quickly.

                  As many of you know, there has been discussion and a task force formed to look at how this organization runs. What we hear is our member’s dis-interest in our board proceedings at state meetings. As stated in my prior President’s message, we can’t do what we have always done and expect to come out with a different result. Although the quantity of members is important, membership continues to decline and it is sending a LOUD message that we need to listen and change to survive and keep this wonderful organization alive and vital. Next year we will be 100 years old!

                  We have a large number of members who care deeply for this organization, what it stands for, and have worked very hard to keep it vital. THANK YOU! We are willing to give it our all to create an organization that never forgets our heritage, but continues to grow. We are willing to take an objective look, reorganize and prosper. I know we can do this!

                  What has worked in the past will likely fall short of expectation in the future. The fast pace of technological and business trends require us to adapt.

                  We have come a long way in technology, efficiency and organization. We have a long way yet to go to tackle the current needs of communication, the needs of the organization, and those of our members. We have recognized we must be involved in our communities, understand our different generations, and we are not afraid to ask members what they want and need. We owe it to all the members to make this the organization we can ALL be proud of that will prosper and grow. I know we can do this!

Thank you to all for your continued commitment and hard work. I am looking forward to seeing you at Winter Board.