Benefits With BPW

When you join BPW, there are many benefits to choose from.

Each member of BPW has the opportunity to network with members around the state and in their local area, listen to enthusiastic and diverse speakers, participate in leadership training, become a leader or speaker within BPW, help other women to help themselves, learn about the politics that affect your business or personal life, and develop lasting friendships. Being a BPW/WA member opens up many possibilities and avenues for professional, personal, and political growth on a Local, State, National, and International level. Many members find what they need, add to their skill set, and develop business contacts and friendships along the way. BPW is a diverse organization of women helping women whenever possible.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Opportunities to meet and share with women across many occupations, ages, and backgrounds in your community, across the state, and on a national and international level.
  • Leadership development and Educational programs via the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NFBPWC).
  • Political involvement on a state level via a lobby day event in January, legislative reports and magazine articles, and help with contacting your legislative representatives to let your voice be heard.
  • Online subscription to the Washington Business Woman (WBW) magazine.
  • Networking at all state and local meeting events.
  • Speakers at most meetings that will educate, enhance, and entertain you.
  • Personal and professional mentors.
  • Scholarships through the Washington State BPW Foundation.
  • Local Woman of the Year events honoring working women in your community.
  • Joining the BPW/WA Political Action Committee (PAC) to further BPW’s Legislative Platform on a state and national level through member contributions.