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Abyssinia Hair & Beauty

Beauty / Style (Hair, Cosmetics, etc)

We are based in Renton and we are a Hair and Skin Salon

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Serving Western WA: Graham & Graham Eldercare Consultants provides families with Guidance and Solutions for the care of their elderly loved ones. We understand that each person has needs that go far beyond physical care. Emotional, Spiritual,and Financial needs are important. Our goal in finding care options and resources for our clients is to make sure that needs are met on every level. We delight in finding solutions that will allow our clients to not just exist, but to have dignity, love, and laughter. HELPING FAMILIES IS NOT JUST A JOB. IT'S OUR MISSION. *Never a Fee - Compensated by the senior care industry.


IT(Website/Mobile App/SEO Developer)

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IY Technology, a tech company focused on making the life of small businesses easier by helping them navigate the world of technology.

I help small businesses to bring their presence online by developing website and mobile application and do SEO.

You started building your own website with the best of intentions. You researched, even invested in classes… And now you are over it! You are so done! OR You are thinking about your logo OR You have an idea in mind but don’t know how to implement it and make it a reality… You need help! Or you hired an overpriced designer and developer, and they did not delivered on their promises…
Take a deep breath! I can help you with it! No worries! You are not alone any more! I would love to help you.

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As an agent who's an expert on the Eastside of Seattle, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate. It's not the same everywhere, so you need someone you can trust for up-to-date information. I am eager to serve you.

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When you buy or sell a home in this competitive market you need a broker that will make the process as comfortable as possible. I am that broker, that will break down the process into easy steps. And if you need help before you sell or after you buy with projects I am there for you as well. I am also a landlord and investor. I look forward to being the agent in your corner.

Skywalker Roofing Company

Roofing Contractor

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Skywalker Roofing Company is one of the Greensboro area’s largest and most reliable contractors for roof repair services, new roof construction, siding installation, skylight installation, and shutter installation. Skywalker Roofing is a trusted name and our expertise in roofing installation and repair differentiates us from other Greensboro Roof repair companies, call us (336) 850-0027.

Sorensen Law

Lawyer / Attorney

Family Lawyer Services

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Many of our clients are victims of personal injuries. They and their families need clear and concise counsel to help them with the legal aspects of their claims. The insurance companies are stacked with procedures, formulas and methods that an experienced attorney can help navigate.

Attorney Moraski specializes exclusively in Criminal Defense. He understands that being charged with a Criminal Offense can be a frightening and humiliating experience. After you have been arrested, the police and prosecutors have already made the decision that there is enough evidence to convict you of the crime you are charged with. Experienced prosecutors and law enforcement officers will pursue your criminal case relentlessly.