Political Action Committee (PAC)

BPW Members Can Make a Difference Through Their Political Action Committee!

BPW/WA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses women and men, Republicans and Democrats, and candidates from certain governmental divisions of Washington State. These candidates must be approved by the BPW/WA PAC Committee. Candidates can request a BPW/WA PAC Endorsement (clink on link below.) Each candidate that is endorsed by BPW/PAC has a record that demonstrates a strong commitment to the issues outlined in the BPW State Legislative Platform below.

BPW/WA PAC serves as the financial muscle behind BPW’s legislative agenda and platform. BPW/WA PAC is supported solely by voluntary contributions from BPW/WA members and is governed by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). If you are a BPW member and wish to contribute, please complete the BPW/WA  PAC Donation Form or contact the PAC Chair via email: PAC@bpwwa.org.

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See what’s happening legislatively at the National BPW level: https://www.nfbpwc.org/policy-advocacy

BPW/WA PAC Endorsement Request

All Candidates must by Candidate’s, having won their primary election, requesting contributions from the BPW/WA Political Action Committee (PAC) must submit their request August 1st for the General Election Candidates. Download, complete, and return the PAC Endorsement Request Form at your convenience. Questions? Email the BPW/WA PAC Chair at PAC@bpwwa.org.

Note to ALL Candidates requesting contributions from BPW/WA PAC must also have the endorsement of a Local BPW/WA organization or a member of PAC. Please email the PAC Chair (PAC@bpwwa.org) to forward a form to the local/person who wishes to endorse you.