Welcome to the Individual Development (ID) Program.

To give you a sample of what the Individual Development (ID) Program is about, below is an example curriculum for the program.

The ID program is to bring forward some ideas on personal development.  Some of you have your dream life – most don’t. Life is your beliefs, your family, your job, your hobbies and dreams.  Maybe you want to change jobs or have a ‘side job’; move to another area of the US or world; change your life style, etc.  How do we fit it all in?  What is Personal Development?  How do we do it?

Each month of the ID Program encompasses a different chapter on giving you some tidbits on how to meet your own goals and, hopefully, happiness in yourself to make your dreams come true.

Chapter 1:  What is personal development and how do I get started? Dreams vs Fear

Chapter 2: Vision and Mindset

Chapter 3: Resilience and Grit

Chapter 4: Belief  (in Yourself)

Chapter 5: Goal Setting – A Game Plan

Chapter 6: Setting your Philosophy

Chapter 7: The importance of Enthusiasm (In your beliefs, family, profession, hobbies and your own dreams.)

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