Welcome to another BPW year and the Individual Development Program.

As your Individual Development Program Educator this year, I want to bring forward some ideas on personal development.  Some of you have your dream life – most don’t. Life is your beliefs, your family, your job, your hobbies and dreams.   Maybe you want to change jobs or have a ‘side job’; move to another area of the US or world; change your life style, etc.

How do we fit it all in?  What is Personal Development?  How do we do it?

Well,   each month I plan on giving you some tidbits on how to meet your own goals and, hopefully, happiness in yourself to make your dreams come true.

Chapter 1:  What is personal development and how do I get started? Dreams vs Fear

Chapter 2: Vision and Mindset

Chapter 3: Resilience and Grit

Chapter 4: Belief  (in Yourself)

Chapter 5: Goal Setting – A Game Plan

Chapter 6: Setting your Philosophy

Chapter 7: The importance of Enthusiasm (In your beliefs, family, profession, hobbies and your own dreams.)

Have a wonderful  BPW year!

For additional information, email the ID Chair, Bonnie O’Leary,  at