Individual Development (ID) Program


(ID Book for 2017/2018)

18 High-Performance Practices to Crush It in Life and Business

by Michelle McCullough


The 2017-2018 year’s focus for the Individual Development (ID) Program was Michelle McCullough’s book “Make It Happen Blueprint – 18 High-performance Practices to Crush it in Life and Business.”  Below is a sample of what the Individual Development (ID) Program is all about.

Here is some information about Michelle from her bio at  “Michelle started her first business when she was 19 and currently runs 3 companies including consulting businesses all over the world. A seasoned speaker and former corporate sales trainer, Michelle teaches success principles and leadership insights that help boost employee engagement and higher performance.  In addition to running her own consulting businesses, Michelle is the managing director for Startup Princess, listed by Forbes as “One of the top 10 resources for Women Entrepreneurs”. She’s worked with top brands like Visa Small Business, UPS Store, AWeber and more. She’s spoken for the Air Force Reserve, Goldman Sachs and, among others. She’s been featured in, in the 40 under 40, on Fox TV, and has been interviewed for television and radio over 100 times, including Good Morning America and The Today Show. She was recently named in the Top 100 Small Business Influencers by Inc Magazine. Her own radio show “Make It Happen” has over 1 million downloads.”

In the forward to the book, bestselling author Richie Norton wrote, “As Michelle shares her own stories of triumphs and trials, it becomes clear that success is as much about practice as anything.  Success can, in fact, be learned, and it often takes effort to get it right.  As Michelle outlines the patterns of high performers, you can feel a sense of excitement building as you come to realize success is within your reach. Successful people are just like you, me, and everybody else. They have wins and losses, but at the end of the day they’ve learned the habits and skills to keep moving, minimize failures, and ultimately set themselves up to reach their goals.”

We all have goals, but most of us encounter obstacles along the way to reaching them.  We sometimes get in our own way.  As we read the “Make It Happen Blueprint” this year in the ID program, we will learn the skills and habits necessary to make achieving our goals a reality.  I hope you’ll join me in reading the book this year.  You can purchase a copy from Amazon at the link below.

Join the three all-day seminars where we will put some of the suggestions in the book into practice.  The total cost is $20 with lunch and materials being provided. If you attended the first seminar, bring your materials and only $12 for lunch. If you paid for the first seminar but did not attend, you do not have to pay anything. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Michelle will join us in April 2018 for our final meeting. You will enjoy hearing her speak.

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