Woman Of The Year Program


Woman of the Year is usually presented as a local program during BPW’s Business Woman’s Week and usually in the month of October. The women that are honored, which can be as few as one, must be working full time and be an active contributor in her community (e.g., mayor, business owner, community activist). She is chosen her local.

The Woman of The Year program acknowledges the individuals who have made a difference and should highlight their accomplishments and BPW through media representation.


The third full week in October is observed as National Business Women’s Week by BPW/WA and by many cooperating groups and news media. Since its creation in 1928, the NBWW has been sponsored by Business and Professional Women to recognize and honor the achievements of working women throughout history. BPW members and BPW Foundation call attention to the leadership of working women and local women entrepreneurs, facilitate discussions on the needs of working women, share information about successful workplace policies and raise awareness of resources available for women in their communities. NBWW is celebrated by BPW Local Organizations and their local communities across the country

The objectives are to:

  • Publicize the achievements of business and professional women everywhere, on the local and state level, and
  • Publicize the objectives and programs of BPW/WA as they relate to all working women.

The National Business Women’s Week is a salute to the achievements of all working women.  The President of the United States customarily opens the week with a message, and many governors and mayors issue similar messages.  BPW/WA’s goal of elevating the standards for business and professional women is particularly emphasized.