“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose and to do it courageously.”– Dr. Steve Maraboli

jessdahl-0517My first introduction to BPW and the YC program was through one of my friends Mom, Lisa Fischer. She contacted me and shared about a unique personal and professional growth program I may be interested to research and become involved in. Lisa’s invitation to the YC program came at a perfect time in my life. I had just co-founded a non-profit, was working full time as a hair stylist, teaching yoga and active in my community. I knew I needed to get involved with more empowering women because I wanted to grow, and learn new skills that empower myself and others… this was the perfect avenue to do just that.

My year started with being recognized as the Renton YC representative. I have been mentored by the amazing Stephanie Owens, Renton YC Chair. Stephanie has become a close friend, mentor and confidant always providing encouragement and friendship. My platform for the 2015-16 year is, “Leadership Begins With You.” I have always been volunteering my time since I was a teenager and it has opened my eyes to see that we each make a difference by sharing our talents with others; your family, community, or world.

I have had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Federal Way Mirror and had the experience of my first press release. In addition, I also had my first radio interview with KKOL Sound Advice, AM 1300. Both of these experiences allowed me to express my thoughts on leadership as a young professional as well as sharing my passion for our non-profit, The Beyond Project, where we use our skills as professionals to give haircuts, make-overs and wellness services to those that have experienced sex-trafficking, domestic violence, homelessness, are teen moms or in foster care.

Public speaking has been my greatest area of growth this past year. The YC development program has taught me significant skill sets around my communication skills, networking, speech writing, branding, and business etiquette. I have learned that this is a powerful and safe place to learn and grow from really influential women and has given me a passion to perfect my skills so I can then build up others in their dreams and passions. We aren’t each just designed to solely exist, we exist so we can use our purpose to serve.

It has been a pleasure and great joy serving as the 2015-16 Washington State Young Careerist.

~ Jessica Dahl